Raw/Whole Herbs

Ashwagandha Root

(Withania Somnifera)

Main benefits of Ashwagandha root:

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress
  • Boost Immunity
  • Increases Muscles Strength
  • Lowering Blood Sugar levels
  • Lowers your Cortisol
  • Improve Thyroid Function

Liquorice/Mulethi Root

(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Main benefits of Mulethi/Licorice root:

  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Hair growth booster
  • Benefits for Diabetes
  • Liver benefits
  • Fades blemishes

Cinnamon/Dalchini Bark

(Cinnamomum verum)

Main benefits of Cinnamon/Dalchini bark:

  • Protects Heart health
  • High source of Antioxidants
  • Fights Diabetes
  • Fights infections and viruses

Dry Ginger/Sonth/Sunth

(Zingiber officinale)

Main benefits of Dry Ginger:

  • Indigestion
  • Reduces Muscles pain and soreness
  • Helps in relieving common cold
  • Controlling high blood sugar in a body

Amla/Indian Gooseberry

(Phyllanthus Emblica)

Main benefits of Amla/Indian Gooseberry:

  • Improves Eye Vision
  • Increase Immunity
  • Improves Hair Health
  • Protect and Cure Diabetes
  • Prevents Constipation