Welcome To Spicesherb Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Spicesherb Agro Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing company situated at Neemuch – Madhya Pradesh. We are dedicated to give pure natural and organic herbs and spices in whole and powdered form from all over the malwa region. 

We are  providing highest quality, hand selected and hand prepared agriculture products. Sourced mostly in whole form, we grind your ordered product only after getting your order- 24 hours of shipment. Spicesherb selects the finest quality of products from farms where growing agriculture in tradition and a faith.


To Provide The Highest Quality of Products and Services

What we offer:

We are offering highest quality agriculture products which are sourced from the highest quality growers around malwa region.We specialize in natural and organic herbs and spices ingredients in whole and powdered form. 

Why herbs and spices:

It doesn’t matter where you are living, herbs and spices are mostly used in every cuisine, in every area. Herbs and spices are not only a part of cuisine for flavor, also some of the ingredients have medicinal properties that are beneficial for human health in several ways.

Why Envigold:

We expertise in handling farm to end customer operations. We are born and brought up as a farmer, we understand the cropping pattern, sowing month, harvest season, which soil and fertilizer should use so that they grow best. We also have specific knowledge about product and its medicinal properties.